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Friday, July 30, 2010

Code Geass + Code Geass R2

Directed By: Gorō Taniguchi
Written By: Ichirō Ōkouchi
Producer Studio: Sunrise

Season 1: 25 episodes
Season 2 (R2): 25 episodes

Summary: Several years ago, Japan was invaded by Britannia, an imperialist nation based in America. Using the Knightmare combat frame (similar to Gundams) Britannia quickly overwhelmed the Japanese, who fought to their last. But when Prime Minister Kururugi was killed mysteriously, the Japanese were forced to surrender. As a result, the Japanese lost their culture, rights, and their name. The proud nation of Japan was now known merely as Area 11.

Lelouch Lamerouge is a Britannian high school student living in Area 11. Originally a prince of Britannia, he gave up his claim to the throne when his mother was murdered and his sister crippled, only to be cast aside as a weakling. The two came to Area 11 while it was still known as Japan, living with the Prime Minister and his son Suzaku. After the war, the two friends were separated. One day, after an unexpected chain of events, Lelouch becomes caught up in a terrorist attack on the Tokyo settlement where he lives. Completely surrounded by Britannian armed forces with no hope of survival, Lelouch is granted Geass, "The power of the Kings" by a mysterious girl who appears to be immortal. Using this power of absolute submission of the mind, Lelouch uses it to control his enemies' movements combined with his amazing intelligence, capturing victory for the rebels. Taking on the persona of Zero, a masked hero of the Japanese and a symbol of hope for the future, Lelouch vows to use his new found power to gain revenge on his father the emperor, and create a new world where his sister Nunally can find peace and joy.

Positives: CG is a beautifully animated, emotionally powerful story. If you're a sucker for the sadness, a lover of laughter, or an action junkie, this anime has a fantastic balance of everything. The American cast did a fantastic job throughout. Few (if any) actors left be disappointed. The humor is well-spread throughout, but the show is serious whenever it needs to be. The action sequences with the knightmares are something to behold. Sunrise achieves a perfect balance of cgi and cel art to get epic battles (no exaggeration) that make you nostalgic of the days of Transformers (lol) and Gundum. CG also goes out strong with a fantastic ending to a fantastic series. And did I mention that there isn't a SINGLE FILLER EPISODE? Not one. I bet you don't even believe me, do you?
Negatives: Not too much I can say here. Though there are a couple plot holes involving character death in some parts. (I won't reveal which ones.) And, if you're a girl like I am, you might not appreciate the amount of fan service throughout. For example, half the cast is in bunny suits at the beginning of R2. What's that all about? I guess you fanboys need something... But the amount of it's a little over the top.
Overall: Definitely worth your while. 9/10

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