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Monday, November 15, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Directed by: Akiyuki Shinbo
Studio: Shaft
No. of Episodes: 13

(9/10) Arakawa Under the Bridge was a great anime.  Of course, it's not for everyone.  This anime is probably the weirdest one that I have ever watched.  Now, I know that there are probably a lot of even weirder animes out there, but for me, it was strange.  It's basically about this guy named Kou Ichinomiya, who can never owe anyone anything.  He's actually the CEO of a major company, and he was very valuable.  He was raised with that strict rule where he couldn't owe anybody, however, and he was frowned upon by his father if he ever broke it.  So, he had lived his life without owing anyone anything, until he was 21.  He was chased down by a bunch of teenagers and his pants were ripped off of him.  The teenagers flew his pants like a flag up high on a bridge.  He needed to climb up the beam and get his pants down, without anyone's help.  He was just about to grab his pants, when all of the sudden his boxers started falling off.  A girl named Nino saw him and told him that if his boxers fell off anymore, it would be a public offense.  She offered to help him get his pants, but then he would owe her.  So, he continued on, hoping that his boxers wouldn't fall.  Instead, just as he grabbed his pants, the whole beam from the bridge fell.  He fell with it off the bridge and into the river.  He was being dragged down by the weight, and he thought that he was going to die.  Until, Nino jumped in after him and rescued him.  He was happy, but also very frantic.  He owed her more than anything, his life.  So, he offered her everything he could, except one thing.  She didn't want anything, except for him to become her lover.  Going by his rule, he had to accept.  Even worse, he had to live under a bridge with her and all of the other bridge dwellers.  This was looking like an adventure he didn't want to go on. (9/10)

Characters: (10/10)

Kou Ichinomiya - Serious; business-like -> caring & just plain ridiculous

Nino - Oblivious, forgetful, kind, strange (says that she's from Venus)

Village Chief (Mayor)- Thinks he's cool, very ridiculous, thinks that he's a Kappa

Sister - Kind, scary, A MAN

Star (Hoshi) - Can be cool & chill, or overdramatic

Whitey (Shiro) - Kind, can be business-like, but not productive

Metal Brothers - Hyper, playful, easily amazed

P-ko - Nice, dramatic, and a huge klutz

Maria - Cruel, harsh, uses her looks for manipulation

Stella - Cute, scary, mean

+ some more not AS IMPORTANT characters.  Overall, this anime was definitely worth watching.  The second season is airing right now, but I haven't had the chance to watch it yet.  I'm sure it will be worth it too, though!

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