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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sorry for the Delay

I'm very sorry that it has been almost a week since something has been posted.  As I mentioned in the previous "Updates" post, I have written a post about Team Fortress 2.  I have now also written a post about THE GAME.  Yes, THE GAME.  Right now, either you are pretty angry, apathetic, or confused.  I will explain more of this later.  Once again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  I will not be able to post until tomorrow, but I will definitely post then.  I hope to get this blog back on schedule with daily posts.  I am lacking things to blog about, so any help would be appreciated.  If you know a good deal of information on anything related to Japanese culture, anime, or video games and you would like to write a minimal of 1 post for Anime Forever, please contact me (Contact button ^).  Thank you for your time,

P.S. - I lost THE GAME.


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