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Sunday, September 5, 2010

LittleBigPlanet (1/4) - Character Design

LittleBigPlanet was created by Media Molecule for the Playstation 3.

(9/10) LittleBigPlanet has a fantastic character design tool. There are a lot of different clothes that can be found on the built-in levels, can be earned from the built-in levels, and can be purchased from the LittleBigPlanet store built into the game. Here are the categories for the clothes that can be worn:
Skin (Different fabrics and materials Sackboy is made of)
Eyes (Styles)
Head (Helmets, costume pieces, etc.)
There are so many different combinations than can be done with costumes, but there's more.
In LittleBigPlanet there are a lot of stickers and decorations than can be found throughout the built-in levels. These stickers can actually be used on your sackboy to color various pieces of his clothing. For instance, say you have a black afro on your sackboy, why not trying to paint it white and then put a flame down the front? Yes, there are an unbelievable amount of things you can do to a character. You can even create your own stickers to use on him or her.
The decorations are not for coloring, though. Decorations are physical objects that can be attached to your sackboy just as extra accessories. For example, say that you have a wooden sword, but no shield? Simple, just attach a shield decoration to your sack person's other arm. Once again, the possibilities seem endless. Just have fun and create wacky costumes to show off to other people online! But one thing you don't want to forget to do, SAVE IT! That's right, you can save every costume you create. You will never lose that beautiful costume that is only yours. Use it as much as you like!
There are a few more things that can be done with the costume. You can randomize your character, wash your clothes (will erase all paint or stickers on you), or just reset your sackboy. Overall, the customization ability is wonderful. (9/10)

Picture From: http://www.techarena.in/files/image/guide/112009/Little_big_Family/Little_Big_Planet_world.JPG


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