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Monday, September 6, 2010

LittleBigPlanet (2/4) - Play Mode

LittleBigPlanet was created by Media Molecule for the Playstation 3.
(9/10) LittleBigPlanet's play mode is quite simple. Basically all you have to know how to do is to move (left joystick), jump (X), and grab (R1). There are a few accessories that require other buttons such as the jet pack and the scuba suit. With the jet pack, holding down "X" makes your sackboy fly faster. Likewise, holding down "X" when you're under water with the scuba suit makes your sackboy swim faster. Of course you don't need to jump while you are flying, and you can jump with the scuba suit on as long as you are out of water or at the surface. Another accessory is the paintinator. The paintinator is basically a paintball gun, and it is fired using the same button as grab, R1. Of course, because they are the same button, you cannot grab while you are wielding the paintinator.
It's not the character movements that are meant to be focused on in this game, but instead it is the levels that are being played. This game mainly focuses on user generated content, which will be talked about more in the "Edit Mode" post. Certain levels require expert timing from the player, while others are a joyride. There isn't much to play mode, so I think I will wrap things up here. Basically it is very easy to get the controls down. People of any age can pick up a controller and get into the game without a problem in an instant. The play mode is very simple and definitely deserves a good rating. If you ever get this game, or you even have it already, then you would or already know how easy it is to play. There are, of course, difficult levels designed by other users for players seeking a challenge. In fact, I actually created a difficult lever called "Dream of Nightmares". If you have this game, check it out!(9/10)


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