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Saturday, October 2, 2010

MM! First Impression

This is the basic information about the show.

It's about a high school freshman boy who is a masochist. He is kind of sick though because he loves being beaten up by girls. He does want to cure himself of this illness though, so he decides to go to a club called "The Second Volunteer Club" for advice on his problem. The president after that point tries to help him with his illness. The rest of the story basically just builds from there.

Some side notes about the show:
Fanservice: Not a lot, but it's present sometimes.
Characters: I personally don't love the characters so far, but they're not bad.
Art style: It looks very modern, and not very original. The art style is nothing to brag about.

Overall, my first impression was not great. I will not continue to watch the show, but if it sounds interesting to you, go ahead and watch it. It doesn't seem bad, but it's just not my type of anime.


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