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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2/4) Multiplayer

Only for Wii.

Now, I know what you MIGHT be thinking. Why is he writing about multiplayer already? Shouldn't he focus on the story mode? Well, honestly, I never got very far in the story mode. I have all of the characters, but I did that simply by playing many multiplayer brawls. Well, actually I kind of tricked the game. Some might call what I did "cheating". But anyways, I've played so many brawls now that I would have all of the characters anyways. If you want to know how exactly I "cheated", just leave a comment.

(10/10) So, in the multiplayer dimension of SSBB, basically you choose any character out of the playable characters listed in the first post and brawl against other characters with him or her. The combinations seem endless. The greatest, greatest, greatest thing about SSBB is that every brawl is different. Every fight is a new experience. There are always new combos to think up. But please, if you actually play SSBB, DO NOT CORNER SPAM. Or actually, JUST DON'T SPAM. Basically, an example of spam (cringe) in SSBB is:

Falco standing on the opposite side of the stage, firing his gun over and over and OVER AGAIN.
Trust me, don't spam and people will respect you more. Plus, spamming makes people angry, so the chances of you surviving lessen. xD

Anyway, the multiplayer in brawl is fantastic. One personal pet peeve of mine is when I play a brawl with items on. Now don't get me wrong, items are great and make the game more exciting. BUT, the better you get at the game and the better your opponents get, items just end up getting in the way. For example, if you and your opponent are pretty evenly matched and you're fighting and intense battle, would you like it if all of the sudden a ray gun fell and you're simply repeatedly shot and killed? You would be enraged, trust me. You could have won that brawl, and now you're friend thinks that he or she is waaaaaaay better than you. Just take my advice on this one, don't use items in intense brawls with players of a high skill level.

So, overall, SSBB's multiplayer is something that can't be missed. You can even brawl online with friends or with other players around the world! Every brawl online is a normal one, though. What I mean by "normal" is that offline you can play "special" brawls. These brawls are combinations of certain modes. For example, you could play... a giant, metal, light brawl. This will make you and your opponent's characters:

1. Giant
2. Metal (heavy and capable of taking hits)
3. Light (can jump higher - more floaty)

So the multiplayer in this game is very flexible and easy to use. I really recommend buying this game is you don't have it already. Once again, this game is only for the Wii.

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