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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tamura Yukari's 8th album

Tamura Yukari released her 8th album,「シトロンの雨 Citron no Ame」, early last month on the 9th, and since I'm a budding Yukarin fan I decided to review the album.

A quick overview of Tamura Yukari: she's a singer-seiyuu (voice actress) who voices in various anime, most notably as the lead character, Takamachi Nanoha, in the magical girl anime series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. She is known for her interest in lolita fashion and upbeat, cute songs, so she's definately not for everyone. But if you're into typical Jpop and say, Hello! Project material, and like the anison style, Yukarin is for you.

Now onto the review...

These are my first impressions, first listens of all but two of the songs (which are previous singles).

1. Heavenly Stars
The rock theme throughout the song is really different from the Yukarin I've heard so far, but the cuteness she adds definitely works well with the rock elements. Overall, it's a good song but a bit too bland. 6/10

2. Gratitude
This next song seems to tie well into the last song. So far the album has pretty good flow. Let's hope this continues. Unfortunately, this song sounds too much like the last song to really stand out. It's a little more interesting, but not by much. 6/10

3. 神様Rescue me!!
TRANSLITERATION: Kamisama Rescue me!!
A change in style from the last two songs. Tropical. Heh heh. Not all into the song, but it shows a bit more originality than the last two. Still, I give it the same rating. "Kamisama onegai desu~" awesome XD 6/10

4. ラブラブベイビーハッピースター
TRANSLITERATION: Love Love Baby Happy Star
It reminds me of 「You & Me」 (a song later on the album), but it's different in its own right. Really good. Synth heavy and upbeat is really my style. 7/10

5. You & Me feat. motsu from m.o.v.e
And what do you know, it's 「You & Me」! This song originally pulled me into Yukarin's music and it's been stuck in my head for months now. Motsu is the rapper from m.o.v.e, a pop/dance-pop group. His rapping seriously compliments the song's beat and Yukarin's voice. My second favorite song on the album. I love it. Ahaha. So damn catchy! 9/10

6. Love Sick feat. motsu from m.o.v.e
Wow, this is so unique. Yukarin's even singing differently. An R&B-like song with motsu? That's cool. Change isn't always a bad thing. This song is actually pretty good. 8/10

7. Tiny Rainbow
This song was the B-side of her single 「My wish My love」, and was used as the ending theme to the PSP game Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's -THE BATTLE OF ACES-. It's a nice song but it doesn't compare to the video game's opening theme, sung by Yukarin's friend and counterpart, Mizuki Nana (who plays Fate Testarossa, another lead character, in the Nanoha franchise). Anyway, overall a decent song. 6/10

TRANSLITERATION: Suna Ochiru Mizu no Kyuuden
Unfortunately, I can't find a sample of the song anywhere. It's the first ballad-esque song on the album that's a bit forgettable and reminds me of a slower version of 「裸足のプリンセス Hadashi no Princess」, although that song'd really good. For this song, ehh, it could be better. 4/10

9. 神聖炉
Another unique song that sounds epic like a Mizuki Nana song would be, except more fantasy-esque. The violins are beautiful and Yukarin's deep singing really set the tone. It may take some getting used to but for now I really like this. 7/10

10. レゾンデートルの鍵
TRANSLITERATION: Raison d’Etre no Kagi
Again, I can't find a sample. Funny how this song is a ballad too. This song is actually quite pretty. Not much else to say. Yukarin's voice sounds nice. Easy listening. 6/10

11. My wish My love
This song was a previous single of hers released in January, and used as the ending theme for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE FIRST. Quite a pretty ballad, but I find it a tad boring. It was a nice transition from the last song though. This whole album has excellent flow. Anyway, a decent song, but not my style. 5/10

12. おしえて A to Z
Another single! My favorite Yukarin song! It's also the opening to the anime B Gata H Kei, which from the looks of it appears to be a romance/harem anime. Anyway, I think it's songs like these wheee Yukarin shines the most. 10/10

13. 恋におちたペインター
TRANSLITERATION: Koi ni Ochita Painter
Jazz? Interesting.It definitely stands out but it's missing that punch. For uniqueness, it gets a little bump though. I like this song. 7/10

14. Goody & Happy
Sorry, I apologize for not being able to find yet another sample. The song is upbeat and has an element of bigaband that's definitely kinda cool and I think I hear the banjo. It's a bit childish but then again, it's Yukarin. I can just picture Yukarin with a top hat and cane fro some reason XD . Ahahaha. Kinda funny. Fun song but not for me. 6/10

The song chosen for a music video to promote the album. This song sounds like a much better version of the first two songs. It's really well done, actually. I like it a lot. Trumpet, guitar, Yukarin: good stuff XD 8/10

Wow, fifteen tracks. Lots of new songs too, so that's really good. Overall, the album is decent, with a few gems (such as the singles), not to mention the album cover is great. This album is quite an introduction to Yukarin. I'll be finding more of her older songs and I think I might become a pretty dedicated fan. We'll see. And again, if you're not into this whole genre of music, just steer clear. Ahaha. Overall, the album gets a 7/10. Good but not outstanding.



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