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Monday, January 24, 2011


Originally posted on The Media and Computer Blog by Bobby.

FIFA 11 is a game all about the famous and enjoyable sport, soccer. In this game there are many teams to select from and many players from real teams. This game has multiple modes to play from, such as manage mode and online mode. FIFA allows you to customize almost anything from controls to making your own character. Even making your very own personal team! I have found this game to be even more fun if you play with a friend. This way you can have games and battle it out. I found this game to be more enjoyable when playing in the Pro-clubs mode, where you and your friends join a created club with your created players and “duke” it out with other teams. The better your character does in the games, the higher his skill level gets. If you are interested in single player only, this game may get boring after a few days since it's meant mainly for multiplayer. The manager mode allows you to become the manager of a team and even win the World Cup! I find myself playing this game at least 4 times a week with my friends now.

FIFA 11 is by far the best FIFA soccer game out so far. If you don't know anything about soccer, but you want to learn something about it, then just play this game. I assure that you will learn a lot more than you think. You'll know the names of players on teams and even what positions they play. However, this game, like all games, does have its faults. If you play it for excessive amounts of time or don't have any friends online to play with you, it can get boring pretty quickly. If this game updated its players and squads more often, then this game would definitely be a lot better. The worst thing about this game would have to be the advantages that the referees call. Referees no longer call the foul right away, but instead always give the advantage. In real-life soccer, the referees never would call advantages so much.

Overall, I give this game a 9/10. However, I am a very big soccer fan and I do watch many games. If you're not a soccer fan, then I don't recommend buying this game.

Warning: this game is addictive!

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