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Monday, January 17, 2011

Team Fortress 2 (1/4) - Basics

Developer: VALVe
Platforms: Steam (PC/Mac), Xbox 360, PS3

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a class and team based first person shooter (FPS). Now, when most people think of a first person shooter, they usually think of Call of Duty or Halo. TF2 is a completely new style of FPS. The main difference that people primarily notice is the artwork. I will post some snapshots of some of my own game-play in a later post if I can. Anyways, the game is completely ridiculous. It's really not a game that is meant to be taken completely seriously. Every round is just another blast of fun! Another positive is that it only costs $19.99! However, it's solely based off of online games with other people, so if your computer is slow with its connections, then it probably wouldn't be as fun for you.
Here are the basics for each game:

- 2 teams (Red and BLU)
- 9 classes
- 1 purpose (Capture the flag, Control points, Payload, etc.)

There are so many levels either created by the developers or made by the community (people just like you!). There are many servers run by separate groups that each run their own server differently. Many servers support mods that let you do things that are out of the ordinary. It really freshens up the game!

Those were just the basics of TF2. I will cover things more in-depth in my later posts. Generally, TF2 is definitely high scoring with me. See you next time! Thanks for reading!

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