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Monday, August 30, 2010

Alchemy for the Android phone

(9/10)Alchemy is a very addicting game I recently found on the Android phone's market. I downloaded the free game because it had so many great reviews. Here's the objective:
•The player starts out with 4 basic elements (Air, Earth, Water, Fire)
•These elements must be mixed with each other to create more elements
•There are 300 elements to unlock starting only with the original 4

Some of these elements are actual elements in real life, but most of them are just random objects. For example, man is an elements in this game that is used to make a lot of different things.
This creative and well-made game is very addictive and enjoyable. I love this game because of how challenging it is, but also because it is funny. On the Andoid market this game got an incredible 5 OUT OF 5. I think that this game deserves that rating and I give it a 9 out of 10. I hope that anyone who owns an Android phone who reads this goes and downloads Alechemy ASAP. Good luck~.(9/10)

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Anonymous said...

Its a great game. It has now 330 elements.

Zangetsu said...

Yes, they just keep on adding! :D

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