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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

True Tears

*WARNING: CONTAINS SOME (I tried to hide most things) SPOILERS*

Series length: 13 episodes
Director: Junji Nishimura
Producer: Kenji Horikawa

(8/10)True Tears is an anime about a high school boy named Shinichirō Nakagami who enjoys to draw. He lives with his mom, his dad, and a childhood friend, Hiromi Yuasa, who lost both of her parents when she was younger. He doesn't have a very strong connection with her in high school at first, but as they both learn more about each other they become very good friends.
Early in the series Shinichirō meets a strange girl a year or two younger than him named Noe Isurugi. They meet and become friends all because a very obscure rooster. Noe loves this rooster, but it is soon attacked and dies. Noe basically has to put her love in someone else, and that's what she does. As they begin to hang out more people become suspicious and think that they are dating. Shinichirō is very embarrassed from this, but Noe doesn't seem to notice at all. Noe realizes that she doesn't just like Shinichirō as a friend anymore. He isn't sure what to do when he realizes this, until he makes a deal with Noe's brother.
Hiromi claims to like a boy on an opponent school's basketball team. Shinichirō later finds this out, and then he realizes that that basketball player is actually Noe's brother. That is when he makes the deal. Noe's brother loves Noe very much and wants to always take care of her, so he asks Shinichirō something very strange. Shinichirō doesn't know what to do, so he asks Noe's brother if he will do something for Shinichirō in return. Both sides of the deal are very strange and could be considered cruel towards others, but both of them carry out their sides.
Shinichirō doesn't really like Noe the way she likes him, and when she finds this out she is crushed. Things work out for some people in the end, and others are left hurt. This story really says that emotions can't be played with. I loved this show and I hope that you do too if you watch it. I give this an 8 out of 10.(8/10)

*This was a brief summary and review and does not include every main character.*
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