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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fat Princess

Developed by: Titan Studios, Atomic Operations
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Engine: Quark Engine (in-house)
Platforms: PSN and the PSP
PSN Release Date: July 30, 2009
ESRB Rating: Teen

(10/10)Fat Princess for the PS3 (PSN) is absolutely a fantastically well put together game. There are 5 original classes that each have an upgrade. These classes can be upgraded by using material such as wood and iron ore. The typical game mode "Rescue The Princess" is a battle between two teams. Each team is made up of 16 players/computers. You spawn as a villager, a character with 2 hearts but who is the fastest in the game with or without an item being carried. There are 5 additional classes to choose from (excluding classes from the new DLC expansion pack). Each class has a building that produces hats. When you pickup a hat from a specific building, you will become a specific character. You can also pickup hats from fallen soldiers on the battlefield. These are the 5 starting classes:

The Worker:
Health: 4 hearts
The worker is the second fastest character in the game. He can chop down trees and break off the iron ore in the rocks using an ax. The upgraded version of the worker carries around bombs for defense and attack, and an ax for obtaining wood and iron ore.

The Warrior:
Health: 6 hearts
The warrior carries around a sword and a shield. The shield can be used to block projectiles, while the sword can be used to slice enemies. The upgraded version of the warrior carries around a spear and can deal a pretty good amount of damage with it.

The Priest:
Health: 4 hearts
The priest carries around a staff that can be used to heal fellow soldiers within a certain range. He can also heal a large area all at once. The upgraded priest is a dark priest who can drain an enemy's health and gain it for himself. The priest can also curse multiple enemies within a certain range at once. The curse only lasts for a short amount of time, but it makes the enemy players have a hard time controlling their characters.

The Archer:
Health: 5 hearts
The archer carries around a bow with arrows and can set his arrows on fire for maximum damage. The upgraded version of the archer carries around a short range gun which can also be set on fire for maximum damage.

The Mage:
Health: 4 hearts
The mage carries around a fire staff that can burn enemies and cause damage over time. The mage can also burn multiple enemies at once within a certain range. The upgraded version of the mage has an ice staff that can freeze enemies completely or just slow them down. This also does some damage and can be fright frustrating if you're the one being frozen The mage can also freeze many enemies at once within a certain range.

The 3 extra classes that are available from the DLC expansion pack are not upgradable, but have special moves when a certain bar is filled. These three newcomers are:

The Ninja:
Health: 6 hearts
The ninja has a sword and shuriken. The sword is pretty powerful and the shuriken can also do a great deal of damage from a far distance. The ninja's special move is that the ninja can become invisible for a short amount of time and can slice an enemy coming out of invisibility. This move is very powerful online, and offline it is always a one hit kill.

The Pirate:
Health: 6 hearts
The pirate has a cutlass and a pistol that both do a great deal of damage just like the ninja. The pirate's special move is a cannonball strike. The pirate can call in a cannonball to a specific location within a certain range.

The Giant:
Health: 6 hearts
The giant is very powerful, but can only fight using hand-to-hand combat. The giant's special move is the ability to eat an enemy and gain health from it.

There are 9 different stages to play on in this game. There are 5 different game modes, and if you have friends over they can immediately join in the fun! These game modes include:
• Rescue The Princess
2 teams - each has the other's princess. A team has to capture and save their princess while keeping the other's princess locked up to win. You can feed the enemy's princess cake and make her fat so that it will be hard for the enemy to carry her away.
• Snatch'n'Grab
Almost the same thing as Rescue The Princess except that you have to rescue your team's princess 3 times to win!
• Team Deathmatch
2 teams - there are no princesses. This is an all out brawl.
• Invasion
2 teams - each team has to try to capture all of the outposts on the map to win.
• Arena (offline only)
You pick one of the 5 standard classes and enter an arena and try to kill as many enemies as you can before dying.
*There is one more game that I have seen in videos, but I cannot seem to find in the actually game. It is probably in there somewhere. This game is soccer - intensified 10x.*

In this game you can also rank up in the king's army and unlock items to customize your character with.

That's a summary of the game Fat Princess for the PS3 on the PSN. I would give this game an amazing score of 9.5 out of 10. It is a very addicting game, the only problem is that it gets a bit repetitive. Anyways, this game is definitely worth purchasing for a mere $15 on the PSN. I actually go it recently on sale for only $7. Back to the point - this game is very fun and worth trying out.(10/10)

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