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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Length: 26 episodes, 1 movie

(8.5/10)Summary: Watanukee (the boy on the right) is a slightly nerdy highschool student with a very strange trait: He's followed around relentlessly by spirits. One day, his spastic wanderings to get away from the spirits lead him to the house of Yuko, who grants people wishes for an equivalent price. She claims she will stop the spirits from following Watanukee if he does her cooking and cleaning. The job sounds easy at first, but soon Watanukee discovers that Yuko lives in no ordinary house, and keeps no ordinary company. Watanukee has to keep his contract with Yuko, while attempting to win the heart of his crush, Himuware, and avoid Domakee, his self-proclaimed arch nemesis. The result is a creepy, mysterious, and sometimes humorous adventure for Watanukee.

Story: 8/10 The concept of xxxHOLiC is strong and different. However, this anime does not follow in a gradual arc throughout. Most episodes can be watched as stand-alones, but viewing the first portion of the series is important to figure out what is going on.
Art: 6/10 Not my preference in this chategory. The world looks almost dreary at most times, and style in general is extremely simple. However, I must hand it to them that this simple, dreary style is well-executed throughout, and stays relatively close to the manga's. (Originally drawn by CLAMP)
Characters: 9/10 Watanukee is the deffinition of the classic anime spazz, accompanied by calm and collected Yuko. Yuko's dry whitty (and sometimes perverted) sense of humor and Watanukee's inability to take a joke combine to bring an entertaining outcome, though Watanukee's frequent outbursts do grow tiresome after 26 episodes of his freaking out. Those of you who have read/watched Tsubasa RESEVoir CHroNiCLE will probably recognise Yuko as the time/space witch, along with the smart mouthed magic puff ball known as Mokina. Watching these three in particular interact throughout really made the show for me.

Overall? I'd have to give xxxHOLiC an 8.5/10. I love the characters, as well as the relentless torture Yuko puts Watanukee through (it's a sight to see) I don't think I'd call this a must-see, but it's certainly worth your time.(8.5/10)

Until next time, thanks for reading.
~The Silver Strike Alchemist


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